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WaterML is easy and fast solution to create machine learning models which does not require programming skills


Predicting labels from a finite set containing discrete values


Predicting a serial of values

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Based on diverse machine learning algorithms by DT, MLP, RF, SVM, GB, XGB, DNN, LSTM

Several algorithms which are Decision Tree, Multi-Layer Perceptron, Random Forest, Support Vector Machine, Gradient Boost, eXtreme Gradient Boost, Deep Neural Network, Long Short-Term Memory algorithms will let user experience more advanced and efficient Machine-Learning algorithm. The algorithm is applied for available models


Get correct estimation with Machine-Learning algorithms and models

WaterML provides parameter setting function before running modeling sequence, also provides viewer for the Machine-Learning modeling results. Via those functions, user can easily make result of data to get correct estimation. Downloading function for created models and results are also available.

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